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If you could change the way you see the world, would you?

Autobótika co-produced this 2D rotoscope animated short film that explores the power and possibility of changing the way to look at the world.

Afterlife empire
Reputation is everything when you’re a ghost.

AFTERLIFE EMPIRE is a woman-designed video game and the achievement of a creative collaboration between Autobótika and The Fine Young Capitalists.

Gravedad 1
You can leave the war behind but will ever war leave your heart?

We are happy to announce that our Science fiction Tv animated series for young adults was aired on the Colombian public channel RTVC - Señal Colombia.

Bogotá proyecto futuro
Ever wonder what Bogotá would look like in the year 2035?

BOGOTÁ PROYECTO FUTURO is a transmedia exhibition developed by Autobótika for the Bogota Museum and Espace Saint-Rémi in Bordeaux, France.

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