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Reputation is everything when you’re a ghost.

AFTERLIFE EMPIRE is a female-designed video game and the achievement of a creative collaboration between Autobótika and The Fine Young Capitalists.


Co Produced by: Autobótika, Game Nation Inc., The Fine Young Capitalists

Indie Strategy Video Game

Genre: Horror/SCI-FI

Technique: CGI Animation

Target: All Ages


AfterLife Empire is Autobótika’s first ever endeavour in video game design. We teamed up with, The Fine Young Capitalists, a group of professionals dedicated to providing job opportunities to marginalized individuals. Together, we held a video game design competition in which women from all across the globe were encouraged to create their own stories and submit their own designs.


Of the submissions, five designs were chosen to be developed by professional concept artists. We then asked the internet to vote for their favorite design, and with the help of Game Nation Inc., came to create, AfterLife Empire.    


Autobótika worked closely with competition winner, Danielle Maiorino, to see to it that her idea, AfterLife Empire, came to fruition. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the fact that it was open to public opinion and critique. Traditionally, projects like this are completed in house from start to finish. So our team had to ensure that any content we’d share would satisfy the needs of our online supporters as well as Danielle’s vision.


This project was an extraordinary achievement for Autobótika in terms of crowdfunding. We received a massive outpouring of support from the online community, making this project our most publicly involved and socially connected to date. Throughout its duration, we secured over $70,000 USD on IndieGogo and amassed over 9,000 followers on Twitter. Those who helped fund the project received a percentage of the profits and were able to donate them to a charity of their choosing. Additionally, we  


Our intention for this project was to provide women, and other artists on the margins, opportunities to become involved in the animation industry. At the same time, this project helped spur growth in Colombia’s nearly non-existent gaming industry.   



  • Crowdfunded over $70,000 USD

  • Amassed over 9,000 followers on Twitter


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