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You can leave the war behind but will ever war leave your heart?

We are happy to announce that our Science fiction Tv animated series for young adults was aired on the Colombian public channel RTVC - Señal Colombia.


13 Chapters of 11 minutes

Genre: SCI-FI

Technique: CGI Animation

Target: 14-19

Coproduced by: HierroAnimación, Autobótika, RTVC, Cenigraf


Tired of being abused, the lunar mine workers rose against the Orbital Mining Consortium. The Space Navy attempted to crush the uprising, but with unexpected and catastrophic results: The moon shattered into pieces. A few survivors managed to escape the destruction but were pursued by the navy. Trapped outside of Earth’s orbit, they were forced to fight back.


So the war began, a war that has lasted for many years, becoming more and more vicious as time goes on. Both sides are entangled in a spiral of death and revenge while business continues as usual for the Consortium, concealing its carnage on the ring of rocks that now encircles the planet.


Today, their lives have come to a crossroad; Lucas, a soldier wounded in body and mind, and Tomasa, a young but seasoned rebel, return to earth against their will, only to find that the war has followed them, ruminating deep within their souls.



  • Implementation of an educational animation strategy for teachers and students. Our creatives and tutors accompanied and empowered more than 70 students in animation in Colombia.

  • Production of 149 minutes of 3d animation within 12 months.

  • Recruitment and legal representation of more than 80 talented artists and around other 30 indirectly.

  • Workshops for concept design, direction and animation production.

  • A 28 page-comic book.

  • The second season is already in development and we are looking for co-producers and investors that can finance the development phase.

  • Our production team consisted of 10% of women. It is very low, and not enough. We are working hard to raise the percentage of women hired not only in the continued production of Gravedad 1 but in the animation industry in Colombia as a whole.

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