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Ever wonder what Bogotá would look like in the year 2035?

BOGOTÁ PROYECTO FUTURO is a transmedia exhibition developed by Autobótika for the Bogota Museum and Espace Saint-Rémi in Bordeaux, France.


As part of the Año Colombia-Francia 2017, Autobótika designed a transmedia exhibition curated by the Bogotá Museum and the Espace Saint-Rémi in Bordeaux, France. This project was a visualization of a current developmental plan in Bogotá known as, “Bogotá Mejor Para Todos”.


The purpose of this exhibition was to create an audio visual experience for museum goers that would immerse them in the city of Bogotá, not only in the future, but also the past and the present. We achieved by designing different stations within the exhibit featuring, history, geography, interactive cartographies, sound landscapes, photographs and videos.


Autobótika worked for three months to visualize and develop the future of the city of Bogotá. We wanted to create an ambitious projection of the future, considering how even the smallest of everyday actions of Bogotanos would impact the city in years to come. Our projections focused on increasing mobility convenience and creating a sense of belonging in our city spaces.


Our first station, “Bogotá Immersion”, featured a 3 minute audiovisual film across multiple screens. The purpose of this stations was to immerse the viewer in the fast-paced style of the city, whether that be through visuals of the local bus system, cable cars, or the train.


The next station featured an interactive cartography exhibit, featuring our own app and map projection. Visitors were able to choose certain subjects throughout Bogotá via the app to see how they have developed over time. This information was complemented with data visualization and animations on an additional screen.

The following exhibit featured 6 different soundscapes from various locations around Bogotá. Each soundscape had an accompanying photo of the location and audio recordings from different times throughout the day.


Our last exhibit featured a virtual reality experience in which visitors could immerse themselves in 360 degree representations of four different areas of present day Bogotá and watch as they transform over the years. To achieve this, we collaborated with an architect who assisted us in accurately reshaping each landscape.


This was an enormous achievement for Autobótika in terms of international exposure. This same exhibit was featured in France as part of the Biennale, receiving more than 15,000 attendees throughout its duration.



  • 15,000 + visitors in France

  • A mapping projection App

  • A multi-screen short film

  • 9 soundscapes

  • 9 360° Photographs

  • 4 360 ° videos

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