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Gravedad Uno

Animated Tv Series

Animated Sci-Fi tv Series, 13 x 11, Autobotika made the Concept art for spaceships, sets and background design.

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Animated Short Film


Autobotika was the co-producer, designed the backgrounds and made the composition

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Animated Feature Film


The Volta family is forced to face the energy monopoly that threatens the planet. Through a frenetic adventure, the Volta not only finds the solution of the future but the reason for the most powerful energy in the universe.

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GM Manifiesto

Animated Commercial


Design and production of animated Commercials for General Motors.

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Video Game


Thanatos is a single player, story driven exploration based platformer set entirely in the decaying mind of an artist. The player explores the memories and regrets of a dying artist, with each memory set in a different artistic style, and each memory being a regret that the artist has. As the player you must fight the physical manifestation of these memories, and bring peace to the artist’s conflicted mind. Explore different areas based on different psychological sections of the mind, in a diverse number of art styles, gathering abilities and items to help you on your journey, and learn your true purpose. Thanatos is strongly based on Super Metroid - the lead programmers favourite game - where you explore a diverse world, grabbing power ups, upgrading your abilities and backtracking through old areas to find even greater power ups to beat a boss and explore entirely new areas.

In Development

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